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We are an impartial, trusted and effective strategic partner to our clients, specifically in the fresh produce industry.

Welcome To Fresh Produce Training & Development

What’s Different about us?

We want to train and develop staff in the fresh produce supply chain in a range of technical aspects. We want to be specific to the fresh produce supply chain as that’s where we have experience. We want to develop training solutions that are applicable and beneficial to fresh producer growers, packer, processors and users.

Give us an example

We want to help develop the next generation of fresh produce technical staff. For our food safety course, we won’t talk about prawn sandwiches, or roasting chickens, we’ll talk about soil, manure and irrigation water.

What areas do we cover?

We will be developing a range of training material to cover growers, packhouse, processors and manufacturers. We’re starting off with some food safety courses that will be along shortly, but…. We’ve also got courses lined up for HACCP, microbiology for growers, water quality, fresh produce awareness in supply chains, and principles of processing.

Our Values

First Value

We will focus specifically on fresh produce.

Second Value

We want to develop staff within the fresh produce industry in technical skills.

Third Value

Support fresh produce businesses gain respect through knowledge.

Fourth value

Work with others to promote the fresh produce industry for all.