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Businesses invest considerable resources in their technical standards and day to day operations processes. But, no matter how well managed the these standards and controls are operating within your business, there is always the risk of an issue arising, this is particularly relevant to fresh produce production. Pesticide Residue MRL exceedance, Food Pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria and E coli 0157, Allergens, Labour Exploitation, labelling errors and Foreign Body Contamination to list but a few.

These events may have a significant economic impact – resulting in a loss of sales, destruction of product, adverse media/social media exposure, temporary or permanent closure, increased scrutiny by regulators, and potential legal actions.

They may also have long term effects on consumer confidence, create issues with market access, and ultimately challenge the viability of a business.

When an issue arises it is hopefully rare but it’s vital that that it is investigated and managed effectively to meet customer and legal requirements. This course looks all these aspects to equip your staff to manage crisis situations.

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